Try a handmade dishcloth! Each dishcloth is made from 100% cotton yarn and can be washed again and again. The dishcloths are made of different patterns and colors.

Sizes vary from approximately 9" x 9" to 10" x 10" depending on pattern.

Need something for the cook that has everything? A pot scratcher that wont damage your pans! These nifty little pot scratchers are made from 100% nylon and will clean a variety of surfaces. They are economical too - when it gets dirty just toss it in the laundry or dishwasher and its good as new.

Colors: Red, Maroon, Aqua, Tan, Black, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Light Purple, Purple, Orange, Light Yellow, Yellow, Green, White, Light Pink, Pink.

Approximately 3" x 3" $2.50
These dish bottle covers can hide any dish bottle on your counter. They can be made with a design that will compliment anyones decor.

Large bottles or small bottles

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