Burping pads are a great way to protect your clothes. They are made out of soft material for the baby’s comfort. The blanket is truly a unique baby gift that you won’t find in retail stores. Each blanket is handmade. You can get them in many colors with different pictures embroidered on them. They come separate or as a set. Burping pads and/or blankets can be embroidered to personalize them for additional cost.

Approximately: Burping Pad 7" x 16" Receiving Blanket 34" x 40"
Burping Pad $5.50 Receiving Blanket $8.00 Set $12.50
Each blanket is unique. The colors and patterns vary depending on order.

Price depends on pattern and size: starting at $25.00 and up.
Saying: If you have a hurt that won't go away, just call on Boo-Boo Bunny to kiss it away. Put ice in his pouch to take away the ouch and if you have tears, just wipe them with Bunny's Ears!

Each Bunny comes with a re-freezable ice cube.

Approximately 4" x 2" x 3" $2.25
These bunnies are made to soth your child's Boo-Boo
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